Monday, September 12, 2011

Jerry and the Portal Part 2: The Continuing Saga of the Coffin in my Dining Room

I do apologize to everyone for not posting last week, but I decided to go into the other realm and search for Bob, the butler. Time runs differently there so even though I had been there for a couple of days I realized a whole week had passed. Sorry about that.

So I think my owner was telling you about the moment that Bob got sucked into the portal to the other world and the Living Dead Dolls were worshipping said portal. Granted the portal was in the middle of my wooden interior, but someone, I was able to have an out of coffin experience and slipped into the other world.

During my trip, I noticed the other world made me into a coffin that had arms and legs so it was easier to walk around and not hobble the way I normally do. It was a nice feeling to have legs and arms. If only there were some female coffins around to keep me company boy would I have loved to feel their wood. They have such great curves.

Sorry getting off track, but thinking about them gets my wood hard. Anyway the landscape around me was barren, a dessert with flat nothing except two silver poles shaped like tuning forks. There was no one around so I worked my way over to the poles and right before I got there, a tall man dressed in a black suit stepped out holding a silver ball in his hand. He had white hair and a stern expression on his face. The splinters in my coffin wood froze in fear. I knew who this guy was. All the coffins in the world did. He was our worst nightmare. He and his minions would crack my brethren open and steal the people who were inside of us for his insidious plans. Then out stepped Bob dressed the same way.

The tall man was trying to convery the butler into being one of him servants. I couldn't have that. The man pointed at me and sent the ball flying at me. I used my lid and whacked it back at him. The silver ball, his instrument of death, hit in smack in the head and sent him flying into the portal behind him.

Bob seemed to rouse from the stupor he was in. I grabbed his green skinned hand and jerked him. I landed hard on my back and Bob fell through my interior. The air was sucked around us and the next thing I knew we were both back in my owner's house and the portal was closed. Bob was still in shock so he went back to his place behind the televesion set. The Living Dead Dolls had returned to normal, and climbed back inside of me to rest. I knew it was a close call, but I'm still on high alert.

I might have rescued Bob from the tall man, but he still lingers. I can feel the tingling of my insides when I think the portal might reopen again. But for now I am vigilent. I have to find someway to tell my owner that she might come home one day and find a tall man in her house and that all her Living Dead Dolls have become his servants. But they are already a little messed up sinc they enjoy the taste of human flesh. But what can you do? They're dead.

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