Friday, June 8, 2012

June Newsletter & A Contest or Two

Hi Everyone,
It’s already June and half of the year has already gone by. So far it’s been a pretty good year. I don’t have any complaints. I’ve had a few book releases and working on a few more that I hope to get out this year too even about Bigfoot. This past weekend I was at ConCarolinas where I was very pleased to hang out with a few other authors that I don’t get to see much, including my blogmates from the Disquieting Visions Blog. And I got to meet some great new authors like Rachel Aaron and was lucky enough to get a signed book from her. Haven’t started reading it though, it’s in my TBR pile for the moment.

June 29-July 1st I’ll be at FandomFest in Louisville, KY so if you’re in the area come on out and say hello. There will be goodies and books along with some other things at my table.

I’m making good progress on my horror novel called Death’s Dance and working on new shape shifter ménage within the Fur World books and including several characters from A Cat For All. So if you’re a fan of those, keep a look out for some more books.

Besides that, not much else going on just planning an awesome summer. Hope you all do the same.

Dark Blessings


Quaking Hearts: Storm Riders 4  – Will be available on June 23rd.

Currently Reading/Read:

Destined: House of Night by P.C. and Kristin Cast
Blood Lite: Overbite edited by Kevin J. Anderson
The Evil Inside by Heather Graham
Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

Movies watched/plan on:
Dark Shadows-  Loved it. I thought this was very funny and campy, but still great.

Prometheus – I like the Alien Movies so I really want to see this one.
Trick ‘R Treat- I love this movie. If you like Halloween tales check this one out.

Contraband  with Mark Wahlberg- It was okay. Thought it would be different.

The Innkeepers – ehh…It was good to rent. I wouldn’t buy it.

The Woman in Black- Even with Daniel Radcliff in the movie, it was pretty good. Not sure if I’ll add it to my collection or not. We shall see.

Contest  #1
If you want to do a webhunt and win some cool prizes, check this out.

Contest #2

Open to U.S. Residents  Only

I got some new swag in and giving away 3 of the below:
Goodie bag, pen, and key chain.

Leave me a comment with your email address about the Sneak Peek below.
Contest is open until June 30th.

I’ll pick the winners and email you to get your addresses so I can send the stuff to you.

Death’s Dance:

I threw down the pillow and climbed the stairs. Look, whoever you are throwing my stuff around isnt going to get me to pay attention to you.
            When I peered into the office, I didnt sense or see anyone. In fact everything was in its rightful place. My tarot cards were neatly stacked on the table. The crystals along the windowsill were still there. The bookshelves I had my books on and other things were still filled with dust. My laptop was still closed. But I noticed that my desk top was on and I had shut it off before I had gone to bed the night before. The screen blinked on when I stepped into the room.
            The monitor began to cloud over like my screensaver was made of fog. The way the mirror had misted over earlier. Another bolt of fear went through me. I breathed out and noticed my breath came out in a cloud of vapor. I ran my fingers over my arms from the small bumps that were raised along my skin. Something was definitely with me now. The sun was shining brightly on me and yet I couldnt feel its warmth. All I could feel was the plummeting temperate. Something was trying to get my attention and whether it was the being from my dreams or the same one that had visited me in the mirror or the same one that was haunting Jackson it wasnt going to leave me alone until I acknowledged it.
            W-what do you want? I hated to hear the fear in my voice, but I had never come across this kind of entity before. I had my share of darker ones and even a demon here and there. Those encounters had shaken me.          
            The temperature in the room dropped steadily. The windows began to frost over. It seemed the sun light had dimmed and wasnt ever getting through.
            Look, if youre trying to scare me or make me run away then Im not going to. If youre the same entity thats been in my dreams and was in my mirror this morning, then I demand that you tell me what you want. If not, get the hell out of my house and leave me alone.
            The rolling fog on the monitor stopped and the screen lightened enough so I could see words forming on them as if someone had breathed on the monitor and was writing with their finger. I waited to hear the squeaking of skin on glass from the writing, but there was only silence in the room. It took a moment, but the letters formed into words.
            Are you death?
            There was a pause. The atmosphere weighed down in the room. Watcher.
            Okay. Youre a watcher. Do you watch me in my dreams? Is that you?
            Were you in my mirror this morning?
            A shiver ran down my back. It could be lying to me. Whatever this entity was. It could be tricking me. Not all ghosts told the truth and I wasnt about to put my trust in something that was coming through to me over my computer screen. Then again, I wasnt going to open myself to it and see if it came through and wanted to use me as a channel either.
            "So what kind if a watcher are you?" I had one people saying they had phantoms they noticed were hanging around, I had spoken to one woman who had called me concerned  about the entity that she had noticed hanging around. But when I had gone to her house and asked the phantasm what it wanted, it said that it was just watching out for her. It observed her and didn't get involved with anything. Was this the same kind of being who was watching me?
            The fog cleared even more, but still I could see the figure whose writing on the other side of the computer screen. It seemed that there was a pause. The temperature in the room was a little lighter. Maybe he wasn't going to answer my question.
            "Why are you in my dreams?"
            Protect. Guardian.
            A strong compulsion to go over to the computer gripped me. The intrigue of what was being there and what did the entity mean that it was my guardian. How was it protecting me? What did it really want with me? There had to be an answer for that. I reached out tentatively and touched the computer screen. It was cold underneath my fingers, but when I pulled away from it, my fingers didn't stick to the screen. They werent being held there by some unseen force, but when I was I felt the pressure of a finger pressing on the screen and this time heard the distinct screech of a finger wiping over the screen. My heart stilled a moment as I put my finger over the words being formed. An electric jolt ran up my arm, but I was still free to pull my hand away.  
            "Why are you protecting me?" I sat down in the desk chair before the computer. It slid a little ways away from the desk. The mist cleared even more on the monitor and in the distance I could see the figure in the dark cloak that I had dreamed about. He was staring at me, but he made no move to come any closer. A small breeze wound though the room and jingling the wind chimes on my bookcase.  I had them there because every time I entered and left the room it was said that fairies would be drawn to the sound of the chimes. That and the sound wads pleasing to me. It helped me remember my grandmother because she had loved the tinkling sound so much. I glanced behind me and saw my hematite sphere rock from its base and then fall on the floor, land with a loud thud, and then roll over to my foot. I reached down and picked it up hoping that it wasn't damaged because it had fallen from the second shelf of my bookcase. The sphere was heavy and cool to the touch. There was no blemish to it. My reflection was distorted in its round exterior.
            "What does this have to do with anything?"
            See. Protection.

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