Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sneak Peek: Devil's Tavern: Possession

Hey Everyone,

Devil's Tavern 3: Possession is going to be released tomorrow with Purple Sword Publications. So I wanted to give everyone a sneak peak at what is to come.



Bruno returns to his pack only to find utter devastation. The woman he loves is all alone and there is an evil creeping in the darkness of the forest. Being a God fearing werewolf, he takes it upon himself to confront the evil and drive it back to hell.
Serena’s heart is tied to an outlaw. All her life she has been an outcast. Evil is tormenting her and the pack. Her only hope is her motorcycle riding, biker werewolf, Bruno. Together they will face their nightmares and goodness will prevail.


Bruno walked, picked her up, and lifted her off the ground spinning her in a circle. She let out a small gleeful noise until he put her down. Serena wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him lightly. He licked her lips.
            “I think I like your sausage better.” He pressed his lips against hers and slid his fingers over her back feeling every bump in her spine until he came to the round mounds of her ass. She shivered from the sudden contact feeling the bulge of his erection pressing into her stomach. He clutched her ass and then lifted her. The sudden embrace drew a squeal from her lips. She wrapped her legs around his waist to keep from falling. He kissed her harder with a hunger she’d never felt in him before.
            “What… are… you … doing?” she asked in-between his kisses.
            Bruno bit her lip lightly. “Taking you into the bedroom to make love to you. Unless you object.” He nuzzled her neck while backing up toward the door. He fumbled for the doorknob. He licked her throat and nipped at her exposed shoulder.
            Serena threw her head back, enjoying the small bits of pain from his teeth. She yearned for him to mark her completely, but she wasn’t going to push him. The more he kissed her, the more her desire stirred. “No. What about—”
            He plunged his tongue into her ear and kissed along her jaw line. “Don’t worry about Neb. He’s gone for a while. I think he had an idea we might be engaged.”
            “Are you sure about that?”
            Bruno licked the hollow of her throat. He finally got the door open and got them into the room. Serena closed the door behind her with a small nudge from her elbow. Bruno dropped her on the bed. The mattress creaked and the bed groaned from the added weight. Before she could get herself situated, he pulled her shirt from her jeans. She was about to fight him, but decided against it. She wasn’t sure what would happen if she broke the moment. He ran his hands over her breasts cupping them for a moment. At the slight contact, her nipples began to harden. His eyes brightened. She saw the wolf in his nature and loved that he had embraced it. He slid his nails through her bra straps and broke them easily. He threw the remnants of the fabric to the floor.
            “I hope you’re going to buy me a new one of those. I didn’t bring anymore with me.”
            He smiled showing her his wicked teeth. “I buy you whatever you want as long as I get to have these.” Serena wiggled on the bed trying to get closer to him. She took his cock and held the firm shaft in her hands. She ran her fingers along the bulging vein. A small howl left his lips.

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