Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Hint of Ginger

Well Christmas is going to be here soon. *Sigh* I know. I can't believe it either. But to get you into the mood, here is a little bite from my Christmas Release coming in December from Sugar and Spice Press. 

Ginger Bites is a Werewolf/Shape shifter Menage M/F/M with a dash of humor thrown into it. So if you adore gingerbread, I hope you love two hunky wolves who love it too.


Ginger has never really enjoyed Christmas. It reminds her that she’ll always be alone because of her curse. Although she yearns to be with someone, but if she doesn’t click with them right away her hunger grows until her human fa├žade falls away revealing her true self. The guilt of all the innocent lives she’s taken plagues her and this holiday season isn’t looking to be any different. Just once she’d like someone to call her own and feel human.

Zach and Cameron are two werewolves who stumble into Ginger’s bakery to set up a Christmas party for their benefactor. Zach can’t get Ginger from his mind, but in order to be with her he hopes Cameron can get along with her too. If not, then the unthinkable will happen. All the while, Ginger has another suitor who desires to claim her for himself at any cost. Zach and Cameron will do anything to save her because all they want to do is spend Christmas with the woman they love.


Once his mouth touched hers, a jolt of passion rushed through her. She moaned into his mouth and sunk into the kiss. Ginger fought to regain control of herself, but every instinct in her was to surrender to his arms. Finally she ran her fingers down his chest. His muscles were defined. Zach moaned. His hands rested on her hips, sliding them along her curves until he cupped her ass and gripped it. She jumped and turned her head to break the kiss.
“What is it?” he asked.
Ginger glanced up and saw his blue eyes had turned golden brown. “You taste good.” She ran her nails down his chest and stopped at the waistband of his jeans. If she went any further, this might turn into something she was not expecting. It felt good to be in someone’s arms and it had been a while since she had given herself over to the urges inside of her. Normally she was so keyed up whether or not if she would have to breakdown and eat the man. But with them, it was different. Every fiber of her being screamed to give in and she just this once she was going to.
“So what does this mean?” Zach asked.
“I want you,” Ginger whispered.
“I’ll give you some privacy than,” Cameron said.
But Ginger looked at him and saw the hurt in his eyes. “I didn’t say you had to leave.”
Cameron’s mouth turned up into a smile. “Well then, that changes everything. Is this going to be a problem with you, Zach?”
Ginger studied the other werewolf and all she was his eyes burning with desire. He took in a deep breath as though he was struggling to hold onto his control. His cock pressed against her thigh so she knew he was ready for her. He gripped her ass a little harder before letting her go and faced Cameron. “No. It won’t be a problem. Just so long as you’re not worried we won’t eat you.”
She laughed. “I can trust you. I don’t think I’m your type. You might find me too sweet for your taste.”
Cameron’s arms slipped around her waist. His touch inflamed her desire even more. He kissed her neck and nipped her ear. “I have a sweet tooth. So no worries there.”
He bit into her neck playfully. Ginger arched her back at the sudden contact while Cameron feathered his fingers up her stomach to cup her breasts. She let her head fall back against his chest and for the first time she started to feel like a normal human. Nothing in her was being triggered that she had to eat these guys. Maybe they were the key to changing her destiny. He brushed his thumbs over her nipples which firmed instantly at his touch.
“You don’t get to monopolize her, Cam. She did say she wanted both of us,” Zach reminded them. He took her hand and kissed the back of it, sucking one of her fingers into his mouth.
Ginger shook herself from the daze she had fallen into. “You’re both right. So whose bedroom has the biggest bed?” She dislodged herself from both wolves and slipped her shall off, placing it on the leather couch before her. She headed toward the hallway and plucked off her shoes as she did.  Stopping midway down the hallway, she glanced behind her and waited to see if they were coming. So far they were watching her. Ginger unzipped the back of her dress and shimmied out of it, leaving it on the floor. After that they followed.
“My room as the biggest bed.” Cameron led her through a door at the very end of the hall.
Ginger and Zach followed him into the room. She watched him hurriedly take off his clothes. Scars marred his chest, telling a story of his life. She traced her finger over a few of them and felt Cameron shiver under it. “Battle scars?”
He nodded. “Before I was cursed, I was fighting for position in the pack. Being the leader’s son didn’t mean anything.”
Cameron cupped her cheek and wound his fingers through her hair. His nostrils flared. “Why is it I smell gingerbread when I’m around you?”
Panic rushed through her for a moment. Should she tell them what she was? They would have to know eventually. But they did not need to know right at this moment. It would break the mood and she needed this. Needed to know she was wanted and they desired her. She shrugged. “I work in a bakery and it’s the Christmas season. Do you know how many gingerbread cookies we are making?”
“Right. Sorry,” Cameron apologized.
“You don’t like the aroma?” she asked.
“No. It’s great, but it makes me hungry. That’s all,” Cameron said.
“Me too,” Zach added.

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