Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The War of Words

Words. Words. Words and more Words. There never seems to be an ending to the words. They flow together and make sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and congeal into a book. Words are what we say and what we think in, mostly. Words  are what we read and what we use to curse with. But sometimes the words and letters start warring.

Any author will tell you that there are only so many words you can use for specific body parts or even to describe something. Then it all goes down hill and you start warring with your mind and a thesaurus trying to uncover the right word or phrase to use that fits perfectly with the story or you need something different because you have said the same word too many times on the pages.

And when you figure you have the correct word, the editor comes back to you and suggests something else. The war never stops. it always keeps going until your muses are having fist fights and are throwing candy canes and mistletoe at one another or threatening to combine characters from different story lines. All the while they are shrieking at you in words.

Of course as I am writing this the Madonna song Words is going through my head.


The words never stop and no matter how much I want them to, they are always running though my head, chasing a marathon. Sometimes never saying what I want and sometimes jumping from one world to another as a new muse pops up.

Words always warring, fighting, changing and twisting into something I never thought existed before.

Tell me what have words done for you? Because sometimes they drive me batty. And them I hear jingling.

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