Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Haunted Head - A Poem

 Hi Everyone,

So I don't write poetry much.

Okay, I haven't tried my hand at it for years. But this has been kicking around my head and I decided to write it down to see where it led.

I wanted to share it and hopefully it isn't too bad. :)

Meandering the windy paths of my mind,
The words are hard to find.
Traversing Darkness, I uncover the beast, and yet,
It cannot be tamed.

Rescue is futile. I’m already lost –
Chasing nightmares twisted into brambled labyrinths that my feet are set upon.

The further I go, the longer the shadows become, full of monsters, half-thought creations, never come to full fruition.
They stalk me, haunt me,
scream their desires until I am left drowning.

The road ahead leads to a tunnel, but there is no light at the end.
Never will it end this twisted cacophony of words that have become music to be devoured by my so called muses.
They pull me forward on this alleged thoroughfare, trapped me with their whimsical charm until I am bound, tortured, forced to do their whim.

Locked at a desk, pen molded to my fingers.
They deceive with pretty words, but I know the truth from what pours out of their warped maws.
Only I -
begging for release that will never come.

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