Friday, February 1, 2013

Where did January Go?

Where did January go? Oh right, it went by in a cold whoosh with a promise of snow that only developed into an ice storm that closed down schools early and resulted in a not so fantastic storm, at least in my area. But besides the weather, I had my nose stuck in writing a book. Well two actually.

I finished writing the second book in the Two-Natured series called Awakening the Lion, editing that, and sent it into the publisher. Then when my brain was not Swiss cheesed anymore, I started working on an angel/vampire book that is the second in series I'm working on. Plus pecked out my part of a joint venture I am working on with another other. And ended up doing edits for Awakening the Wolf as well.

Meanwhile I was doing this, hubby had bronchitis that lasted three weeks and is finally over. So he is healthy and we can move on into February.

Plans for this month are to:

1.Finish angel/vampire book and start on the third one which is about an angel of death and a gargoyle shape shifter

2.Start on third book in Two-Natured series

3.Work on outlines for two more horror novels in a new series I've got.

4.Try and stay sane.

If I can do that, then I'll resurface in a month and let you know.

I plan to go see Beautiful Creatures when it comes to the theater. And I've discovered a great band called In This Moment. They are new to me and I'm hooked.

Recently watched a movie called The Tunnel and it was pretty decent. I would recommend a watch. The same with Apartment 143.

Okay....Igor, one of the muses, is closing the castle door and locking me back in. At least until nightfall when I get to go free. I would say help me, but there's no point. I'm beyond the point of no return.

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