Monday, March 23, 2015

Home from the Mid-South Con Memphis Road Trip Adventure Weekend

Good Morning Everyone,

It's Monday. At least I think it is. That is what the calendar tells me although I would still love it to be this weekend so I could sleep more. It was a long drive home yesterday. So recapping everything that happened this weekend.

Thursday I set off on this epic adventure with Susan Roddey.  
Her husband was also along for the ride as well. We got off on our journey heading from SC, GA, Alabama, Mississippi, and wound up in Memphis, TN all of the ten hour drive that it took us getting us at the Hilton about 6:30.

We wound up on the 22nd floor of the circular hotel, why was it round? No idea, but being up so high although with an amazing view, I couldn't exactly enjoy it all the time because heights give me vertigo. (Thank the late night fire drill in college with the flashing lights and going down a spiral staircase in the strobe lights for that one.) The room was okay. I've had better and you would think for a Hilton they would have a fridge or something in their room for the price you pay. But nope. That night, we met up with Charon Coin Press owner, Jerry Benns, his wife Christine and their son, along with the editor, Margie Colton. We all hit Beale Street in Memphis, had some wonderful BBQ and walked around a bit checking out the local shops before heading back to the hotel.

Friday was the first day for Mid-South and my panels started at 5. I had The Female Author Roundup which was very good and discussed what it was like to be a female writer these days.
6 was The Writing Process with a packed room about how we all go about writing.
11 was the Erotica panel which is always fun.

In between all that we all hung out at the Charon Coin table annoying Jerry and making sure Omar had his hand one everything. (Omar is the perverted, reanimated mummified hand in A Deathly Undertaking, the Urban Fantasy I have coming soon with Charon Coin.)

He doesn't look exactly like, I pictured him, but he's still fun to play with.

Saturday, my first panel was at 12 pm. Haunted Objects.

That was fun, one of the panelists brought in his haunted dolls. All three dolls had little girls attached to them. They were playing around the room, the spirits, not the dolls. That panel was packed and went very well.

Next was Mythical Creatures at 4 and we talked about dragons and all sorts of different animals.
Tarot & Divination at 5 leaning about how Tarot was read and other forms of reading. It is always nice to talk shop with other readers since I don't get to do that much these days.

The rest of the night was spent hanging out and watching the people with all the amazing costumes and getting to talk with some friends I hadn't seen in a while and of course making new ones.

We all loaded back into the car Sunday morning and had the 10 hour drive turn into a 12 hour one because of the rain and idiots on the road. I got in about 11:30 as it was another hour for me to drive home and I wanted to sleep in my own bed last night.

It was tiring, it was fun, my hands are killing me, my husband is glad I'm home, and I can't wait for the next road trip in May. Susan and I are heading out to Austin Author Affair in Austin, Texas with a couple side trips on the way of course.

Overall, the con was fun.

It was a long drive, but Omar made it all special.

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