Sunday, November 16, 2008


My life has been crazy these past four days. Me and hubby have hardly been home. Which is a nice thing in itself to know that we've been busy and able to get out of the house.

Thursday we ended up going to visit some friends and see their new baby. Plus we were able to visit with other friends from back home. That was nice. Her baby is so cute. But it doesn't make me want one. But he's so tiny.

Friday: Well we had a long day at work. The weather sucked. Hubby didn't work becuase of the rain which sucked even more, but oh well can't yell at mother nature. Well you can, but it won't do any good and she might get pissed and shoot lightning at you. So I raced home, grabbed hubbie, and we spent the next hour and a half on the road in traffic because people freak here when it starts to rain. The drive should have taken us like 40 minutes. Anyway. We went to this Pagan group that I found. And we were there for a couple of hours. The people are really great and I am having such a better experience than I did a couple of years ago with the other pagan groups I tested in the area so I am happy about that. Hubby liked it too I think so I might get him to go back. The only draw back is the group is like 35 miles away, but ahh who cares. Gas has finally come down. We're sitting at 1.89 right now.

Saturday dragged hubby to volunteer for my work. That was a couple hours of cleaning and stuff. I dont mind the volunteering. Actually it's great to help out the community and stuff, I hate the fact that it's "mandatory" at work. So we did that and came home and I tried to write most of the day and did okay. I'm working on something else for one of my publishers. I'm really supposed to be studing for a class for work. I have to pass a test by the 5th and then hope I have time to take another class to keep my insurance license current. I think I'll do okay. I hate the studying though.

Today hubby took me to the local Ren Faire for my b-day. We go every year and it's always a lot of fun. They had these carved wooden dragons I'm aiming on getting next year. Of course when we went to the faire last year I was inspired and poof a book came out of it. That book is going to be available next month called an Eternity of Shadows. I'm very happy about that. Anyway today was great and already people are threatening me on bugging the shit out of me becuase tomorrow I'm turning 30. But that doesn't realy scare me either. I'm okay with it. Now I have to finish a book which I'm no where near geting down because it's taking on a life of it's own and figure out what the hell am I going to have for dinner.

Oh the count down to Twilight has begun. I have the day off from work to go see it on Friday. And then CHEESECAKE!!

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