Monday, November 10, 2008

Is it the end of the world...

You know for the past month I have been asking myself that question. Is it the end of the world. I know it's not, but still sometimes it feels that way.

What is the end of the world you say? Well in 1 week I'm turning 30. It's a big deal. Some women freak out others drink. Some have wild sex. And do whatever the hell they want. Me, well, I don't think that I'll end up freaking out or resorting to any of the above really.

I've already banned my friends from throwing me a wild party and hiring strippers. That's not a me thing. Hubby asked me what I wanted and I didn't give him an answer. So he asked me how about I take you to Ren Faire? Now that is so me. I'm not the flashy kinda girl who wants anything big or out of our price range. Ren Faire is good.

But I think the weirdest thing is looking back. I mean I was the oldest one out of my High School Friends to turn 30. A couple of them have kids. One just got married. I'm married, two dogs, no kids and 25 books to my name I think. I've lost count.

I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago visiiting with everyone in the family and it's strange for me to see how much time has flown by. Would I change it? Well I think that is something that everyone asks themselves. I would change somethings, but then again how would that have affected the person I am today. If I stayed in Mass I never would have met my husband or the great friends that I've met here. What if I stopped writing, trust me I've thought about it. What happened if I started doing psychic readings again

So many quesitons. So many different answers really. But the one thing I do know, is that the world is not going to end when I turn 30. It will change. I will change along with it. I'll keep writing as long as my hands will let me and I'll bug the crap out of hubby. Someone has to.

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