Monday, June 2, 2014

The Art of Sex Panel

Hello all,


Yes that is the topic of discussion today.

This past weekend I was on an awesome panel with many wonderful authors including, Marica Collette, Alexandra Christian, and Susan Roddey. And of course the topic was about sex.

Now when you include alcohol, a late night, and sex you are bound to end up with some interesting conversations. However, even with the giveaway including the Big Bags of Sin that were won the six inch rainbow penis sucker was the talking stick and stole the show.

Although no liquor was imbibed on my part, it was a very informative panel and hopefully we were able to give some readers some insights into how to write sex and that no. Erotica writers don't practice everything they write. There is some rules one has to follow when writing sex.
  1. Keep it interesting.
  2. Keep it fun.
  3. Make sure all the body parts are inserted in the right place and a third hand appears from out of no where.
  4. Make sure the sex moves the story forward.
  5. Last, but not certainly not all, please make sure that safe book sex is practiced. No one wants to get a paper cut on their sensitive parts while reading.

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