Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Covers and Writing

Hi guys,

I have some awesome new covers that I have gotten this weekend from my wonderful cover artist Ana Rabiyah. Aren't they pretty?

Besides the new covers I am edit free at least for a little bit. I can actually focus on writing with is great! So I've been doing that some this weekend, relaxing, letting the tattoos heal, and listening to our bird screech for the past two days. LOL.

So no doing anything exciting really which is a good thing. Been catching up on television shows I haven't seen all week. Thank God they have them on the computer. Besides that hubby decided to do some gardening and transplant some plants. I stay away from the gardening only because if I touch plans I tend to kill them. It's sad really. I always watched this foreign vampire film called Let the Right One In. It was different, from Belgium I think or Norway. I'm probably wrong on the country, but it was good. I like different vampire movies.

Getting a good one now a days is hard to find. The same with any good horror movie. The last horror movie I saw at the theatres, the Unborn, ugh. Didn't like it. I bought Mirrors and The Orphanage and really liked those. I've been doing a flash back to the eighties horror movies this past weekend and watching Nightmare on Elm Streets. Ahh Freddy movies are classic.

What's your favorite horror movie?

My fav of all time is Poltergeist. Still can't sleep with my closet door open, of course it doesnt' help that there is a ghost in my closet too, but ehh I deal.

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