Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Tattoos

Hehehehe.... everyone wants to see pictures of what I got. I might be mean and not upload them. LOL... Naw.... So hubby and I went today to get more tattoos. I already had to and ended up getting 3 more. Hubby got a bigger one on his left arm. it's a grim reaper and a likeness of the Alchemy Gothic Poster: Day of Reckoning.

Me well... I have this theory about what I get on my back and where because eventually I want a Tree of Life or in my case certain tattoos that represent steps in my my journey through life. That and most of them will have Ravens in them because ravens me a lot to me. That used to be my pen name, but that's another story there altogether.

So here is the one on my hand. It is a Celtic Raven

I got two more on my next to go above the squawking raven that I have. The top one is an ankh and the other is a Pentacle with a triple moon goddess symbol woven into it.

I'm happy with the tattoos and have more planned. Most of them would be on my back of course. I still want to get a triple raven and a raven with wings spread on my lower back.

So if anyone is near Concord, NC and needs a tat. Check out Wicked Addictions and ask for Dave.



Nick Cato said...

The one on your neck is killer.

Crymsyn said...

Thanks Nick. I thought so too.

Magaly said...

I'm with Nick, I love the Pentacle! I have a few tattoos as well, 5 to be exact. Hm... I probably copy your idea and post my pink dragon... maybe :)