Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Amira Press Secret Santa

Amira Press Secret Santa Contest!

You can deck the halls and string the lights!The holidays are here and we are ready to celebrate with you!The Amira Press authors have come together once more.

To be your personal Secret Santa!This contest runs from now until December 23rd.The winners will be announced on that day in our yahoo group!

Please note for the Secret Santas who get multiple entries, winners will be chosen randomly.

Here’s what you have to do!Follow the clues to find the author.

Find the Secret Santa Logo on their personal website or Myspace.Copy and paste it along with the answers to the clues into an email and send it to

If you are correct, you win that author’s Secret Santa Prize! You won’t know who your secret Santa is until you find them.

Please choose only one (1) author when you follow the clues!

There is a chance for multiple winners, so enjoy the fun and hunt away!

~Secret Santa 1~

She gave us a twist and made her fairy tale erotic. What happens when you kiss a cursed prince?Find her logo and her roaring personalityIn a place where we all have a space.

~Secret Santa 2~

She makes desire deadly in her books with Amira Press. She named her Calico Cat Chloe on her blog on the space we all know. And that is where you can find her logo.

~Secret Santa 3~
She is one of the featured authors this month. With an exotic name to match her books she sets fire to her words.Her latest book sends Karma your way. Destiny will send you to her website where the logo is hidden.

~Secret Santa 4~

From Dusk until Dawn Her book will send you into the realmWhere a vampire is given a second chance. To find her logo visit her space. And return to me with your answers.

~Secret Santa 5~

As elusive as this author is you can’t not find her books. Into the realms of the unknown she will take you there. She found her vampire among the Shadow and Flames on her website.

~Secret Santa 6~

She has taken us back to the old West in her most recent release. And to a place where the honor of knights still make us melt. You can find the peace of redemption on her website.

~Secret Santa 7~

By day she is an ER nurse saving lives. By night she takes us into the pages of her magnificent books. Her book sends us back in time and pulls the strings to our heart. Find the musical notes in her words on her website.

~Secret Santa 8~

Vampires, demons, witches and goblins. Her latest book sent us a succubus to excite our dreams. This author can weave a dark erotic tale around the night. Her books are exotic as her name and her name is her website. Find her logo there.

~Secret Santa 9~

She left an island where she had sand between her toes. And now she puts her dreams in the pages of each book she writes. For the holidays her book melts the heart of the coldest of men. Her website offers you a logo and a hint of Caribbean spice.

~Secret Santa 10~

Her books put the smell of brimstone in our noses and love in our thoughts. But each word took us deeper into the unknown until we were left reeling! Her myspace holds the key to your Secret Surprise. Don’t mumble about, run and get it now!

Those are your Secret Santas, Guys and Dollz! Remember choose one and follow the bouncing silver balls. To find your Secret Santa…Happy Hunting and Holidays. From all of us here at Amira Press. We’re coloring the world!

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