Monday, December 8, 2008

He's in Your Dreams. He Can't be All bad, right?

Dreaming of You Excerpt

Available at Amira Press


For the past two months, Tabby’s been dreaming of a luscious man who changes forms every time she closes her eyes. He’s a vampire, then he’s a werewolf. He’s whatever she desires, but only in her dreams. Then one day she hears his voice outside of her dreams. What is he? Why does she crave his touch?

It’s only when he reveals his true nature that she understands how much danger she’s truly in. He’s not the angel Tabby thought he was. He’s something far worse--a daemon who feeds off of souls. And her soul is next on the menu.


He placed a finger against my lips. “I won’t. Kiss me, Tabby.” He pulled me closer. His lips were soft. The kiss was brief, but the heat that fired down my spine was enough to make me break out in a sweat. The Daemon Lord ran the back of his hand over the curve of my neck and under the silk of my bathrobe. I sat perfectly still as he slid the material off my shoulders, letting it pool around me. His dark gaze searched mine as if he was waiting for me to break my word and run away from him. But I didn’t, I would finish this and then he would be trapped. So far he hadn’t noticed the Devil’s Traps. Once he was distracted, I would slip out of my bed, pretending to have to go to the bathroom or something.

Tentatively, I reached out and placed my hand on the side of his cheek. My whole body shook. My heart double thumped in my chest and it was hard to breathe. Closing my eyes, I tried to calm myself. His hand rested over mine above my heart.

Calm yourself. I won’t do anything against your will. Don’t you know that by now? he whispered.

I opened eyes. The way that he cocked his head, staring at me made me think. Something about what he said made me sit back and study him. He had said that Tucker had told him I had the ability to see through illusions. Was this all an elaborate illusion? Tucker had once told me in the bathroom that dreams were only gossamer. “Can I ask you something?”

“Anything you wish?”

I leaned in, kissing him lightly before whispering in his ear. “Tell me your name.”
He breathed in a sharp breath through his teeth and pulled away from me. “I can’t do that, Tabby. Then you would have power over me.”

I placed my hand flat against his chest. It felt like he had a fever. Underneath my palm, his heart beat a slow rhythm, slower than mine. “You already have control over me since I saw your true form. Why not tell me your name and then I can have control over you?” I slid my finger under the waistband of his pajama pants circling the elastic. His erection was already visible peeking through the slit in his pants. I gave him a sly smile and lowered myself to his cock wrapped my lips around the head and taking it into my mouth a few inches.

A garbled moan escaped his lips. I licked his soft skin enjoying the salty tang to his flesh. I went down on his further drawing more of his length between my lips, devouring him slowly as my tongue ran up and down his shaft.

“Using your wiles won’t get my name out of me, Tabitha.” His hips surged forward as I let my teeth scrape along his flesh. “I’ve had encounters with angels and demons who—” A groan of pent up agony rumbled from his chest. I moved in centimeters taking as much of him as I could and then painstakingly slow came back up until I had almost let his cock escape the prison of my lips. Then I repeated everything I had just done. His hips thrust forward again keeping time to my swirling tongue. His sharp nails cut into my shoulders. I could sense he was ready to come, but right at the last moment I pulled away.

The Lord’s eyes were closed and his breathing was labored. When he opened his eyes they were golden. He smiled and I saw some of his teeth had become pointed. “Maybe you have a little bit of the Devil in you yet.” He ran his thumb over my mouth. I nipped at it, playing the part I knew I had to.

“Will you tell me your name?” This time I pulled up my nightgown and straddled him, letting him feel the warmth of my pussy since I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I ground against him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

His hands slid under my nightgown lifting it over my head. It landed in corner becoming part of the darkness in the room. Rain still poured outside. The thunder rocked the apartment as his nails scraped the round mounds of my ass. “You may entice me all you wish, Tabitha. But you will not tempt my name from me. Now lay back so I can claim you as I am meant to.” Still holding me, he leaned over and brought me down on the bed, but I rolled out from under him and off the bed. He gave me a devilish smile. “What are you doing? If your intention is to drive me mad, then you are doing it perfectly well.”

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