Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Xmas

I am sure everyone now is settled down for Xmas and maybe still full. I know we have a ton of halm left, but then again after buying a 8.5 pound ham for three people you know that there was no way we were all going ot be eating it. I'm going to boil it soon and make a pea soup out of it.

We woke up Xmas morning and hubby started to make Breakfast which is great. Of course I had to finish it, but that was fine. It's just awesome to get him to cook.
After that we started opening our presents while starting with the two dogs. WE got them each peanut butter flavored bones. We only have one left. But you can see how cute they are.

After that we ended up opening up our gifts. Hubby was bugging me since the night before to open them. He's worse than a little kid, which makes him so cute. He was happy about what he got becuase I had already gotten him some larger gifts before xmas so the small ones were all that were left.

He got me a portable air hockey game, a calender, a book, and a few other things.
My mother came after we opened our gifts and stayed to eat with us. Which is great. She is only an hour away from me now. We convinced her to move south a couple of years ago.

All in all it was a great Xmas and next year I hope that we can go back to Mass and spend the holiday with our family since hubby has the week off and I have more time that I bought from work.

How was your day?

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