Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today.. got some stuff done

So today wasn't a complete bust. I woke up and well waking up for me is not easy. It takes hours and hours even if I drink coffee, which i drink maybe once a month. I'm not a morning person. SO went to work and had a list of stuff to do there. Yeah working full time.
I have edits to do for a book coming out on Friday and I'm working on those as I can. I got 20 or so pages done, but then forgot my memory stick at work so can't work on it now, but oh well.

I got some more notes done on my class. I have a few pages left to do, but I can only write so much because it irritaes my hands. Yeah Carpell Tunel.

I did however, get my current book done, Turning Ash. Now to edit the first 3 chapters and then get ready to send up to New York. Of course I have a short I have to finish by the 31st.
I also have another class to take by the end of the month so I have to get cracking.

Oh did I mention this is the busiest time of year for me at work? LOL.. It's so much fun...
Tonight I made pizza for dinner, and I have to go wrap hubbies xmas presents.

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