Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Potrait of a Vampire out from Purple Sword Publications!

First Werewolves. Now Vampires! What more can you want?

Portrait of a Vampire out now from Purple Sworld publications.

She captured his image only once, and it’s haunted her ever since.


Kaylynn has photographed thousands of people all over the world. However, the one man she desires wants nothing to do with her. Elijah took Kaylynn in when she was a teenager, rescuing her from an insane preacher who wanted her for his own evil purposes.

Over the years, Kaylynn wants nothing more than to feel Elijah’s dark kiss. He wishes to keep her safe. In order to do that, he sends her away until an old evil resurfaces. Together, they have to confront the crazed reverend…and something else. 


He sighed and went to the window, staring out into the night. Outside the moon was almost swollen. Was it, too, waiting for the precious words that needed to be said between us? I didn’t bother to pick up my robe, but instead sought warmth from the man who I desperately needed to know cared for me. I wrapped my arms around Elijah’s waist and rested my forehead against his back because I wasn’t tall enough to reach his shoulders. My face was buried in his hair. It smelled of peppermint. I never realized he actually cared for it, or how silky he kept his hair. There was so much I never knew about him. So much I had never thought to ask. Amazing how time can make you wonder and do things you never thought possible before.
He tensed up, but his yearning was evident in his taut muscles. I bit my lip and decided to try something I had never thought of before. If I could use my ability to move objects even when I was asleep, why not use my power to touch others? It was just an extension of my gift. Just a little less power, and more concentration. Closing my eyes, I pictured his face in my mind, and with a little push of my gift, I saw myself caressing his cheek. A shudder took him when I used my power to see myself kissing him, trailing caresses down his neck. 

I pictured my hands all over him, touching his flesh. I went one step further and saw my mouth on his shaft, slowly going down on him. He uttered a moan and tensed even further; whatever I was doing was working.

“Stop. Please. Before we both regret what will happen.” He tried to shrug me off. A barrier surrounded his thoughts. He shut my power down, and I felt alone. The wall was cold and dark.

“No. Turn around and face how you feel. For over a decade I’ve barely lived. Part of me has been frozen. You said you weren’t made from stone. Well, neither am I and for years, I’ve felt that way, but when I’m with you I can be alive and I don’t have to deny my feelings. I don’t have to hide. Can you say the same?”

He turned around slowly and met my gaze where his burned slightly red. “If you stay, I’ll do things to you. I can’t guarantee your safety or your life.”

I touched his cheek and brushed my lips to his. I would not be denied this time.
Wrapping me in his arms, he crushed me to him. His lips and tongue worked against my throat where he bit and suckled, but never broke the skin. His palms enclosed my breasts over the satin of my nightgown. I moaned against him. My nails dug into the flesh of his back. His lips found my nipple; it was already hard in his mouth. I was already wet, and I had dreamed of this for years. He suckled for a moment. He was tearing at the cloth of my nightgown. He had me bare and before I knew it, he had two fingers inside my wet pussy while his thumb rubbed over my clit. The sudden movement made me jump. I heard the bed echo my surprise, but God, it felt good. And I wanted more of him.

I pressed my lips to his, feeling the bone hardness of his fangs under his lips and with my tongue. His fingers moved deeper inside of me and his thumb and other finger moved lightning quick. I found my knees were wobbling and Elijah was holding me up. His eyes studied my face. I was coming close to the edge.

“You have to stop teasing me,” I said in between moans.

“I told you I didn’t know what I would do to you.” He leaned in and crushed his lips to me, but it was too late. I could barely hold in my groans, and I gave in to his manipulations and came.

I wanted him inside of me. Elijah must have read my thoughts because he scooped me up and laid me back on the bed, settling himself on top of me. My hands found his ass. My tongue snaked into his mouth., caressing his fang. On purpose I nicked it on the point. The vampire growled and raised his head. His eyes were dilated red. His face was thinner, and his cheeks showed his bones. I felt his hard length against my belly. His eyes bored into mine, and he waited to see what I would do. Waiting to see if I was afraid of him, or if I would push him away again? Instead I grabbed his hand, kissing the inside of his wrist, nipping at the spot over his vein. Elijah’s eyes fluttered shut. My teeth dug a little deeper, and then he came back to himself.
This was what I had wanted. Heat soared through me. I felt my power move out of me and slam the door shut and lock it.

“Do I scare you?”

“No,” I leaned up and pulled him down to me. “I need you inside of me. Please.”

“God, Kaylynn. I could crush you. I could kill you. I could—”

“No. You’re nothing like that.”

He ran his hands over my breasts, and then his lips. His fangs caressed my hard nipples. He was careful not to draw blood. His tongue flicked over the hard nodules and the other hand ran along my inner thigh, tickling the sensitive flesh. Each butterfly kiss made it harder to resist, and I began pushing myself against him. He chuckled softly and for a quick moment, left me cold while he slipped out of his pants. Once he did, he straddled me. 

Well all. I hope that you enjoyed this little tidbit and want to delve into my vampire world. As you can see I love to sink me teeth into the undead. Hope you do too.


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